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Rioja Alavesa Farms Harvest Elaboration
  A constellation of plots that gives sense
to our wealth of aromas and flavors
  Ravines, hillsides, small basins and high terraces draw the geography of Luberri-Monje Amestoy. The 71 acre property extending from the same plain of the Ebro river, at 400 meters above the sea level, up to higher areas toward the Sierra Cantabria. Our estates spread the Elciego term and extend into the adjoining terms of Laguardia, La Puebla de Labarca and Villabuena de Álava.

Soils differ: the land by the Ebro is sandy, which requires more fertility control, while in higher parts the vines take roots in clay and limestone, which are poorer soils with a short performance and a great quality.

The estate of El Cuento was the first one acquired by Florentino Martinez Monje. He made the first Luberri wine out of it. The property gradually grew in surface as well as in wisdom and experience. Today the favorite site is still Los Merinos, 540 meters high, above the centre of Elciego. Its 60-years-old Tempranillo produces CEPAS VIEJAS, the cellar’s high expression wine.
LUBERRI Familia Monje Amestoy
Camino Rehoyos S/N. 01340 Elciego, ÁLAVA (Spain)
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